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Elden Ring Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle solution

How to break the seal in the late-game secret area.

Solving the Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle in Elden Ring is a curveball to overcome in an optional late-game area.

Following on finding the Haligtree Secret Medallion halves, working out how to break the Ordina, Liturgical Town seal will allow you to access Miquella’s Haligtree.

Not only does it allow you to complete Millicent’s quest, but also means you can take on Malenia, the hardest boss in Elden Ring.

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How to solve the Elden Ring Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle

Once you’ve reached the Consecrated Snowfield, there’s still one more thing you need to do before you can access Miquella’s Haligtree.

However, if you’ve been following Latenna’s questline, then you may as well take her to the church ruins at the northwest of the map called Apostate Derelict, which will earn you a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Besides, it’s not far from the place you need to go to: Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Ordina is a ghost town (with actual ghosts who are harmless).

On the north side you’ll see some steps leading high up to a door but you’ll need to light four figures in the town before the way is open. The figures look like the one pictured below:

These torches however do not show up normally. Instead, you need to step into a portal that takes you to the town’s evergaol, that is the entire town rather than a small arena as with other evergaosl.

The Ordina evergaol is populated with tough enemies, including a Black Knife assassin on the ground who’s both invisible and will deal a very nasty blow to you that will be enough to kill you if you’re not at full health.

You should therefore plan your route in the normal Ordina before you step into the evergaol. Fortunately, torches that have been lit stay lit even if you die so it’s not necessary to light all four torches in one go.

Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle map, solution

We’ve marked the locations of the torches in the below image, numbered in the order of the best route to lighting each torch from the beginning of the evergaol.

You’ll find this more useful if you pick up the map fragment for Consecrated Snowfield before reaching Ordina.

1. This is where you will start when you enter the evergaol.

2. Immediately jump over the balcony in front of you and run towards the building straight ahead. To its right by the stairs you should see a ladder to the side.

Jump over the balcony and then climb the ladder. There’ll be enough ladder on the roof that takes you up to where the first figure is.

3. Your next figure will be another tall structure northeast from where you are. Drop back down to the roof and you should see it in front of you.

You’ll need to jump across a few other rooftops to reach it, but there’s also a female Albinauric archer firing at you so you’ll need to try and dodge these before climbing up the ladder to light the next figure.

4. The next figure is furthest to the west and you won’t be able to comfortably leap across the next rooftops to reach it.

Instead, head back to ground level and look for the ruins of the wall pictured below.

You can use this wall as a platform to reach the nearby rooftops. When you reach the buildings at the west part of town, some parts of the structure will be too tall for you to jump over, so first jump onto the chimneys to gain additional height.

You’ll eventually find a ladder around the tall part of the building that will take you up to the figure.

5. The last figure is the easiest as it’s on ground level. You could technically do this one first, but it feels better to get the tough ones out of the first way, doesn’t it?

From the last figure you just need to drop down to the ground and make a beeline eastwards for the figure on a corner where there are steps. Just take care you don’t get ambushed by the assassin skulking around.

You’ll get a notification when all figures have been lit and automatically be transported back to the normal town, but this time the seal blocking your path up the steps in the north has been removed.

Go through and you’ll find a portal taking you to Miquella’s Haligtree.

Now that you’ve made it to this secret location, it’s just the beginning as even tougher challenges await. Good luck reaching the bottom and get ready to face Malenia!