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Elden Ring all maps: Where to find all Elden Ring map fragment locations

How to flesh out your entire map in Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring map is something new for a FromSoftware game - allowing you to piece together the world better as you explore.

However, when you start Elden Ring, you'll notice your map will be largely barren. Though the map can be used, and key elements such as Site of Grace locations and dungeons will be added, the underlying surroundings will be missing until you find a Map Fragment.

This page explains where to find all Map Fragment locations to help you navigate around the world easier.

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How to fill the empty map in Elden Ring: What are Map Fragments and where can you find them?

There is a Map Fragment for each main region of Elden Ring. If the map you start to uncover is blank, then there's a Map Fragment to help you uncover it.

Map Fragments can be found at the base of specific obelisks. Chances are they are close to enemies, making their retrieval far from trivial.

However, like most items, you are free to sprint to and away from the Map Fragment easily enough.

There is an exception to the 'finding Map Fragments at obelisk rule' for a certain type of area - which we won't spoil here, but will clarify and make clear with those specific locations.

With all this, and the early game Map Fragment locations in mind, you will soon be able to flesh out the Elden Ring map and plan ahead easier when it comes to exploration.

Limgrave Map Fragment locations

There are two Map Fragments which will help you flesh out the starting Limgrave region.

To find the West Limgrave Map Fragment you want to head to Gatefront Ruins, a destroyed settlement at the foot of a gate located north-west of where you begin.

You'll find the Map Fragment at the base of an obelisk to the side of the main path running north-to-south along the area.

Starting from the north, backstab the enemy to the left, then when the coast is clear, quickly run down and grab the Map Fragment.

While you are here, it's well worth also collecting the Whetstone Knife, allowing you to equip Ash of War abilities, alongside one of the Grace points nearby which grants you the ability to level up in Elden Ring and get the horse.

Next, the East Limgrove Map fragment is located in Mistwood forest.

Specifically, it's just to the side of the road, north-east from Mistwood Ruins.

When we arrived, there was a very large bear next to a tree, which wasn't fazed by our presence, allowing us to investigate the obelisk easily.

While you are here, it's worth getting the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook (4) from the corpse next to the bear, provided you can make a quick getaway!

Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment location

The Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment is located in the south-east of the region.

If you haven't already visited the area, you can do so more or less from the start of the game - make sure you have the horse Torrent, then speed over the Bridge of Sacrifice in the south-east of Limgrave, then follow the road south.

First, start by head to the wall that runs along the middle of the southern region, where you will find a merchant and a site of grace, positioned here:

Proceed south down the path, and very shortly, the Map Fragment will be on your right.

Don't proceed any further - huge arrows will rain down upon you otherwise!

Liurnia of the Lakes Map Fragment locations

There are three Map Fragments which will help you flesh out the Liurnia region.

The East Liurnia Map Fragment can be found just north of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.

Know that, unlike most other Map Fragments, this will have enemies not only jump out at you on the approach, but as you reach the obelisk itself - so be on your guard!

The North Liurnia Map Fragment is situated in Academy Gate Town, a location in the east of the lake itself.

The obelisk is found on the south side of the settlement, somewhat out in the open. In our experience few enemies approached, making this a straightforward one to collect.

Finally, the West Liurnia Map Fragment is found next to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.

Head north-west from the lake water, up the bank, and follow the path that runs on the western side of the region. As with the North Fragment, you shouldn't encounter much resistance at the site itself.

Caelid Map Fragment location

To find the Caelid Map Fragment, you'll want to head to the southern point of a curved path running through the centre of the region.

For an area as dangerous as this, there a few enemies nearby the site itself. You'll find the obelisk on the south side of the road.

Dragonbarrow Map Fragment location

To find the Dragonbarrow Map Fragment you need to head north of Caelid.

This is situated near a rock formation, and west of several dragons feasting in a pool. You should have time to quickly dash to the obelisk and collect the map before they reach you in the event you are detected on the approach.

Then, if you need to, there's a Site of Grace just to the west you can use to escape.

Altus Plateau Map Fragment location

Altus Plateau can be said to be made up of three areas, but the one map fragment for the plateau itself is easy enough to find once you reach via the Grand Lift of Dectus.

Follow the main path from the lift and the roads will split in two, with the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace in between. Take the path on the left (facing north).

You'll encounter a few weak nobles along the path but they're not any trouble. Just further ahead you'll see the obelisk where you can pick up the map fragment.

Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment Location

The Royal Capital has its own map fragment, which is fortunately also as straightforward to find as the one for Altus Plateau.

At the Altus Highway Junction, take the grand path that takes you up the steps into the capital, guarded by the fearsome Tree Sentinels, who you can choose to fight or ride past.

Once you're through the gate, you'll reach the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, where you can also pick up two Golden Seeds. You should also see an obelisk just ahead where you can pick up the map fragment for the area.

Mt. Gelmir Map Fragment location

Mt. Gelmir's map fragment is arguably the trickiest to find. It's located very high up to the northwest of Altus Plateau, and you'll actually find yourself having to explore most of the mountain before you find it.

To get to this point of Mt. Gelmir, you'll need to travel from Leyndell's Outer Wall first from the northwest of the capital (nearest Site of Grace is Outer Wall Battleground).

From here travel north of Altus Plateau, where you'll likely be fired on by nearby catapults. Instead of heading to Windmill Village, keep to the left of the path and you should pass a Site of Grace called Rad of Iniquity: Side Path. From there, you'll pass a troll caravan and eventually come to a bridge that takes you to Mt. Gelmir.

If you follow this path northwards, you'll eventually come to a dead end, so how to continue? You actually want to keep to the cliff-face on the left hand side and beware of abductors nearby. At the point marked on the map below, you'll find a ladder so climb up and it will take you to a higher point of the mountain. Be sure to stop by the nearby First Mt. Gelmir Campsite before you continue.

From this campsite, continue ahead and you'll have some more ladders to climb up (you'll also pass a nomadic merchant). Once you've reached as high as you can go, head west and over the bridge where you'll find a Site of Grace for the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite (what happened to the second through to eighth?).

You'll need Torrent to ride up the gust up to the mountain's highest point. There's a tough mini-boss here but there's a rocky path on the right you can take to get out of there if you want to fight it later.

Volcano Manor will be to your left but if you head along the path the other direction, you'll find both a Site of Grace for Road of Iniquity as well as the obelisk with the map fragment you've been looking for.

Just be careful that this area is also crawling with giant magic hands. Either fight them first or grab the map then bolt it to the Site of Grace for safety.

Mountaintop of the Giants Map Fragment locations

There are two map fragments in the Mountaintop of the Giants (if you don't count the secret area, but we'll get to that later), and fortunately they're both on the critical path so you can't miss them.

The first fragment you'll find when you first reach the area after riding the Grand Lift of Rold. Follow the path for a short while and you'll find the obelisk to your right, just before you reach the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace.

The second fragment is higher up the mountaintop which you can reach from south of the Freezing Lake and past the Guardian's Garrison. You'll need to cross over a giant chain path and then you'll reach the Giants' Gravepost Site of Grace, which is also where the obelisk with the map fragment is located.

This map fragment will also reveal the map of Crumbling Faram Azula, the final legacy dungeon located southeast of the Mountaintop of the Giants.

Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment location

If you're wondering why your map for the Mountaintop of the Giants is still missing something on the west side, that's because this is a separate and secret area that can only be reached by finding the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion as part of Latenna the Albinauric's questline.

Once you have the secret medallion, use this at the Grand Lift of Rold to access the Consecrated Snowfield. When you first reach this area, a blizzard will obscure your vision but keep heading northwards and you'll eventually come out to a clearer path. You should also hopefully pass two sites of grace, Consecrated Snowfield and Inner Consecrated Snowfield.

From the latter, just continue north across the frozen stream and you'll see the obelisk where you can pick up the map fragment for the area. This will also reveal the location of Miquella's Haligtree to the north.

Siofra River Map Fragment location

Elden Ring has underground locations and they also have their own maps - to view these maps, click on the right stick to switch from above ground to underground. Be warned that these ones won't actually be found at an obelisk, but they're still not that hard to find.

Siofra River is the first underground location players are likely to come across since you can reach it via the Siofra River Well lift in East Limgrave.

Once down there, from the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace, head southeast to the location known as Hallowhorn Grounds, with steps that have stone torches to either side that can be lit up. At the bottom of these steps to the right is a corpse where you'll find the map fragment for the area.

Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Map Fragment location

This secret area is to the east of Siofra River, which you can actually see from a distance from either Siofra River or Nokron just above. You can reach this location either via a teleport from Consecrated Snowfield or by completing White-Faced Varre's questline.

Once you're here, the map fragment can be found on a corpse right in the middle of some ruins just before you reach the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace.

Deeproot Depths Map Fragment location

Deeproot Depths is another secret underground location beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital. You can reach it either by a path after finding the Three Fingers or by resting in a coffin after defeating the Valiant Gargoyles by the Siofra Aqueduct.

The map fragment is to the east of The Nameless Eternal City's Site of Grace under a pavilion structure.

Ainsel River Map Fragment location

This underground area is located beneath Liurnia and can be reached via the Ainsel River Well.

Once you're down there, head northwest past the giant ants until you reach a large cavernous area crawling with enemies, including one of those magical laser-blasting centipedes. You can either fight them or take a stealthy path, but once you head up to the building in the centre, at the back is a safe spot where you'll find a hermit merchant. Before you reach him however, you'll also see a corpse holding the map fragment.

Lake of Rot Map Fragment location

There's in fact more to Ainsel River than meets the eye as further down is a place called Lake of Rot, which is exactly how it sounds. Reaching this area however requires traversing Nokstrella in the north part of Ainsel River, which is only accessible by following Ranni's quest.

Fortunately, while the steps to reach Lake of Rot (and completing the questline) can be long, finding the map fragment is easy once you get there. From the Site of Grace, just head down until you're at the bank of the lake and it's right there by a corpse.

With that - you should have a completed map in Elden Ring. It's much, much bigger than you realised, right?