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How to get a horse in Elden Ring and where to find Torrent

A horse with a name.

A horse in Elden Ring jumping across a canyon.
Image credit: FromSoftware

Unlocking the horse in Elden Ring is one of the first big questions you will stumble upon during your time exploring the world.

Elden Ring is the first FromSoftware to feature a full open world - there's even a map! - so making the most out of your traversal options is key to save time or even escape from enemies when necessary. This is where your horse called Torrent comes in. That being said, they're not available from the get-go.

This page will how to unlock the horse in Elden Ring and how Torrent works so you can prepare yourself properly before hitting the road.

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How to get the horse in Elden Ring

As we mentioned, the Elden Ring horse is not available from the get-go. Once you're out into the world, you must look for Sites of Grace, which are Elden Ring's equivalent to Dark Souls' bonfires.

In order to unlock the horse in Elden Ring, you must rest at a Site of Grace near the Gatefront Ruins. Gatefront Ruins is located north-west of where you begin, at the base of a huge gate leading to Stormveil Castle.

North-west and south-east to Gatefront Ruins are Sites of Grace, and either will do. Activate then rest there, and you will be greeted by Melina in a cutscene. If this doesn't happen, it's possible you might need to have rested at a number of other Graces first - for us, we visited Stranded Graveyard, The First Step, Church of Elleh, Groveside Cave and then Gatefront.

This is the Grace point south of Gatefront Ruins - either should do for Melina to pay you a visit.

Once done, the character Melina will pay you a visit. She's one of the key characters in the game, providing you with lore snippets of the world as well as allowing you to level up your stats.

During this first visit she will grant you a ring called Spectral Steed Whistle. This allows to summon the horse, called Torrent.

Before you leave the Gatefront Ruins area, know you can also pick up a Map Fragment and the Whetstone Knife.

If you're wondering how the horse works both in combat and during free roam, jump (or gallop?) to the next section.

How Torrent works in Elden Ring

It's highly likely that Torrent will quickly become your travel partner in Elden Ring. The horse allows for greater mobility than we're used to in FromSoftware games, which is even more so important with the vastness of this new open world.

From the get-go, aside from increasing your overall speed, Torrent can double jump. This allows for more verticality during your exploration - if you happen to find treasure above ground or you're just trying to escape from an enemy group, this is your go-to. There are also certain points on the map where you can perform a super jump.

Speaking of enemies, you can also use Torrent during combat. Mounted combat in Elden Ring is pretty different to regular encounters - you can only use your right hand weapon and it also allows for spells. That being said, it's definitely worth practising with smaller enemies before trying to take down bosses on your horse.

Torrent may be ethereal, but not eternal. Your horse can take damage during combat and, if depleted completely, will die. Don't worry though, as you can summon them back again at any time with two methods (at least from what we gathered during our time with the network test):

  • Resting at a Site of Grace
  • Using one of your Health Flasks to bring them back immediately

That's all you need to know about Torrent - now go, let the legend come back to life!

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