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Nintendo purchasing $40m plot to expand Kyoto headquarters

Nintendo land.

Nintendo will expand its Kyoto headquarters with a new 10,000 square metre building next door to its existing sites.

The Mario maker has already stumped up the $40m required to purchase the land, on which it will build a new 12-storey office which will expand its notoriously-secretive research and development work.

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The new building (red in the diagram below) will sit next to other Nintendo buildings (in pink) and be open by the end of December 2027 (thanks, Maybe we'll have Switch 3 by then?

Back in February, Nintendo announced the acquisition of its long-term development partner SRD Ltd for an undisclosed sum. Based in Tokyo, the company has assisted Nintendo in the development of numerous games, most recently including Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Switch, plus Mario Kart Tour for smartphone.

Back in January 2021, Nintendo announced it would purchase Vancover-based Luigi's Mansion 3 studio Next Level Games, which is now making the next Mario Strikers title.