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Mario U and Luigi DLC replace Nintendo Land in Wii U Premium bundle

In the US.

Nintendo of America has replaced mini-game collection Nintendo Land as the free pack-in game available with standard Wii U Premium consoles.

New Super Mario Bros. U and its New Super Luigi U DLC expansion will now be included instead, the company announced today.

The same Mario and Luigi bundle is already available in Europe, although as an addition to the console's standard Nintendo Land package.

When asked whether the bundle would become Nintendo's default Wii U Premium option in the UK too, Nintendo told Eurogamer: "This is a US announcement and no specific announcements for Europe have been made regarding the Wii U Premium offering."

While an enjoyable collection of Nintendo-themed party games, Nintendo Land has not been able to entice the same level of console uptake as Wii Sports managed with the Wii. And with Super Mario 3D World on the horizon, last year's Super Mario Bros. U could prove a tempting free warm-up.

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