Nintendo Land

This mini-game collection does a better job of entertaining than explaining the Wii U - and it shows a forgotten side to Nintendo, too.


The best Wii U games: June 2015

UPDATED: Our picks from the quirky Nintendo console's small but enviable catalogue.

Nintendo announces three new Wii U hardware bundles

UPDATE: Nintendo selling them for £250 each.

Wii U Basic stock to become "limited" in UK

But Nintendo stops short of confirming full withdrawal.

Used game sales can be limited by making better games, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime says

Most traded in are "annualised" and "undifferentiated" games.

Miyamoto blames Wii U launch software delays on Nintendo's leap to next-gen

"Any time you have a big jump in the hardware technology it certainly takes the teams time."

Nintendo UK not ditching Wii U Basic model despite GameStop withdrawal

Report suggests US chain giving up on 8GB Wii U.

Nintendo announces bigger Wii U GamePad battery in Japan

Plus a new White 32GB Wii U, Nintendo Land bundles and Wii Remote charge kit.

Asda drops Wii U price to just £149/£199

UPDATE: Amazon UK, follow suit.

Nintendo makes surprise profit despite lower than expected Wii U sales

Currency exchange gains push results into the black.

Asda shears £50 off Wii U console prices

UPDATE: Now does too.

Nintendo: no plans for Wii U price cut

"I would like to make this absolutely clear."

Nintendo Land devs explain lack of online multiplayer

And why Star Fox's star turn was cut.

Feature | Discovering the Wii U's third space

How Mario Chase reveals the magic behind Nintendo's new console.

Amazon replacing missing Nintendo Land games with download codes

Retailer apologises to customers after bundle gaffe.

UK chart: Wii U games miss top 10 as Call of Duty retains crown

Far Cry 3 enters second with 9th biggest launch of the year.

Basic 8GB Wii U has just 3GB space after system installs

You won't be able to download 3.2GB Nintendo Land.

Feature | Wii U: Hunting for the star of the launch line-up

Asymmetry and a focus on local multiplayer suggest great promise for Nintendo's new box of tricks.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Can Nintendo court the casuals again?

The Wii U's done a brilliant job of pleasing the hardcore, but it's going to have do more if it wants to succeed.

EGX | Nintendo taking Wii U on post-Eurogamer Expo UK tour

Mario and Luigi set to make an appearance.

Digital Foundry | Nintendo Land E3 Performance Test Video

Nintendo targets 60Hz for its spiritual successor to WiiSports - how close does the E3 build get?

Feature | Fearful Asymmetry? Assessing the Promise of the Wii U

Why Nintendo's 'new' idea might be a lot of fun.

Feature | Nintendo Land: Roll Up, Roll Up?

Wii U's marquee mini-game collection is good fun, but falls flat at E3.

Nintendo Land announced for Wii U

12 Nintendo-themed mini-games.