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Wii U Basic stock to become "limited" in UK

But Nintendo stops short of confirming full withdrawal.

The Wii U's Basic 8GB model will become "limited" in the UK, Nintendo has told Eurogamer.

Nintendo will now focus on the console's Premium 32GB flavour, available from next month in one of two new bundles.

"The current Wii U Basic Pack will become limited in supply," a Nintendo UK spokesperson said. "However we are always looking for fun and interesting ways to package up our products for different groups of fans."

Wii U's Basic model has sold poorly since the console was released, and Nintendo has previously admitted over-estimating demand for the cheaper version.

In reality, the 8GB model could only hold 3GB of data after installing the Wii U's system software and creating a user profile - not enough even to download launch title Nintendo Land.

Nintendo announced a pair of Wii U Premium bundles yesterday afternoon for launch next month, with one of Zelda: Wind Waker HD or Lego City Undercover included.

Both are available for £259.99 at GAME (Nintendo itself does not set retailer pricing in Europe) - £40 less than the Premium console originally launched for.

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