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Bungie commits to remote work for "most current and future" jobs

As other studios encourage return to offices.

Destiny developer Bungie has committed to a new "digital-first" hiring policy, and said that "most current and future roles will be fully remote eligible".

The move contrasts with recent pushes from companies such as Call of Duty maker Activision and League of Legends studio Riot Games, who seem keener to get staff back in offices - leading to Covid safety concerns.

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Bungie has said it will allow remote work from a number of US states (likely due to local tax laws - thanks, Kotaku) including the developer's home of Washington, plus others including California, Florida and Texas.

Last week, some Activision staff went on strike to protest their employer's decision to drop its vaccine mandate while encouraging staff back into offices in the coming months.

In response, Activision delegated decisions around vaccine requirements to individual studios, and said it was still currently operating under a voluntary return to work policy.

A recent Vice investigation painted a similar picture within League of Legends developer Riot, where some staff were left angry by plans to drop masks and testing for unvaccinated employees, while moving to a hybrid three-days-a-week office norm.

"If a Rioter believes that they have circumstances that prohibit them from being able to return to campus - such as certain medical conditions or medical caretaking responsibilities - we encourage them to share those concerns with their manager and HR business partner to discuss what accommodations or leaves are available based on their specific needs," the company said in response.