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Over 20 years later, footage from an unreleased Gex demo has shown up online

It's tail time again.

Previously unseen footage from a demo for an unannounced Gex sequel has started making the rounds on the internet.

The footage in question shows a character named Gex Jr. making his way through what appears to be a cinema.

Gex Jr. jumps from screen to popcorn machine and on to yet another screen (one of which appears to show Gex from Crystal Dynamics’ original games), all while chugging down cans of fizzy soda and making some pretty dated references.

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And I don’t just mean dated for now, but even dated for the early 2000s, when this demo was built. Gex Jr. jokes “I’m your father, Luke” before bounding up the demo’s technicolour stairs (via Kotaku).

He also makes a “it’s tail time” quip, clearly referencing Gex Snr’s legacy from the 90’s.

The clip was shared by justz00t, with the creator saying this demo of the unreleased Gex Jr. game was originally intended for PlayStation 1 consoles.

Watch on YouTube

Following the link provided by justz00t to the demo’s download page gives a bit more insight into what the game would have involved. This includes keys for tongue attacks, tail spin and farting.

So... I guess this all means that Gex had a son? Who’d have thought it.

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