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Saints Row is getting a new showcase next week, focusing on customisation

"Be your own boss."

A new showcase for the upcoming Saints Row reboot has been announced, and it's coming as soon as next week. Or, more precisely, it is coming on 20th April at 8pm UK time and will be streamed across Twitch and YouTube.

This showcase will be hosted by actress Mica Burton, with publisher Deep Silver and developer Volitio promising a stream full of interviews and inside info.

In addition to this, fans will also get a first look at a new trailer, which will focus on the reboot's customisation options - something the Saints Row team has said will cover "all aspects of player choice in the game".

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By all aspects, they really do seem to mean all aspects.

This showcase will go into more detail about the game's character customisation (something Volition has removed the boundaries of gender and other restrictions for), as well as multiple weapon and vehicle customisation options. In their words, "in Saints Row, player choice comes first".

Volition has also said the customisation suite built into its rebooted Saints Row is its "most powerful toolset to date and [the] best in class". According to the team, this will enable you to "modify almost anything in outlandish or aspirational fashion.

"How your Boss looks as you take over the city's criminal underbelly is entirely up to you."

I for one think I would lean towards an aspirational look, but with a few outlandish florishes added here and there, becuase why not.

Deep Silver and Volition are confident this new showcase, and the Saints Row reboot itself, will be ideal for newcomers and long-term fans of the series, promising "all the action, crime and humour you'd expect from a Saints Row game." Given that the companies are trying to get back to the series' roots with this reboot, however, it is fair to assume no aliens will be making a showing this time around.

Eurogamer's Martin got a bonus look at the Saints Row reboot last August.

"While we've only seen small snippets of the Saints Row reboot in action, it's looking mighty promising, with its new direction making all sorts of sense after the wild excesses of Saints Row 4," he wrote at the time.

Saints Row is due to launch on 23rd August across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.