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Saints Row developer promises "beast" of an update to squash hundreds of bugs

Living on a prayer.

Remember Saints Row? The wacky open world reboot launched at the end of August to a lukewarm response. This month, developer Volition has a big patch ready to address hundreds of issues.

This is the game's first major update which Volition previously said would be used to prioritise fixes and improvements over new content. Last month, the studio said it had chosen to spend time bringing the existing game up to scratch - even though it would have "preferred to be talking about roadmaps and expansions".

"Significant effort and testing" has gone into fixing the game's co-op, Volition said today. Connectivity, map issues and rewards should all work more smoothly post-patch.

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The game's world will host more pedestrians, police, more roaming Saints. There have been tweaks to make collectibles simpler to find and more accurately tracked. Escaping notoriety levels has also been made easier.

Elsewhere across Santo Ileso, vehicle management has been improved with seven more garages across the city and extra storage space for your cars.

Other improvements include a voice pitch slider, and a fix to support for PS5 DualSense haptic triggers. Full patch notes will be released alongside the update later this month.

"Volition's new Saints Row won't set the world alight, but there's a punchy game here with some pleasant surprises," Vikki Blake wrote in Eurogamer's Saints Row review, dubbing it a "snappy but slightly uneven reboot".

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