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Saints Row's first major update will prioritise fixes and improvements over new content

Arriving in November.

Developer Volition has detailed its Saints Row reboot's first major update, saying that while it would have "preferred to be talking about roadmaps and expansions" at this juncture, it will initially be prioritising "improvements over new features".

Saints Row released to a middling reception in August, with its enjoyable open-world zaniness rather dampened by its considerable number of bugs. It's these that Volition hopes to address in its first major post-launch update in November, explaining in a new blog post, "We know there is still work to do to improve your experience in the game."

"We are supporting Saints Row for the long-term," it insisted, "and while we'd have preferred to be talking about roadmaps and expansions, right now we feel the focus must be on telling you how we're going to improve the... experience for all players in 2022 and beyond."

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To that end, November's update will include over 200 bug fixes and improvements, with a "particular focus on challenges, overall stability and co-op". On the latter front, Volition says, "We're especially aware of issues some players have been having with co-op and we're sorry these fixes have taken longer than expected while we apply and test them thoroughly."

Elsewhere, November's update will aim to reduce repetition in certain activities, make challenges more rewarding, improve vehicle management, and bring a revamp for rumble and haptic features. "These are wins we feel we can get to you quickly," Volition explained, "while we work on even bigger and better improvements based on your feedback."

While new content for Saints Row isn't the immediate priority for the studio, it says 2023 will be a "hugely exciting year for Saints Row owners", bringing new story content, free new gameplay experiences, and more areas of Santo Ileso to explore.

"All this will of course will land aside even bigger quality of life updates, more free packs and more stuff we’re not quite ready to talk about yet," Volition's blog post concludes. "Please stay tuned for regular updates on our progress and letting you know what’s new with Saints Row."