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Devil May Cry 5 sales pass 5m worldwide

Dry your eyes, mate.

Capcom has announced that Devil May Cry 5 sales have now passed 5m.

"Cumulative worldwide sales of 'DMC5' have exceeded 5m units," the developer tweeted today (translated via Mp1st). "Thank you for your support."

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In light of this news, industry veteran Benji-Sales shared a comparison of how this stacks up to other games in the series. As it stands currently, the next best-selling entry is Devil May Cry 4, which has sold 4.8m units.

Meanwhile, at the end of the spectrum sits the Devil May Cry HD Collection with 1.2m sales and Devil May Cry 2 with 1.7m sales.

Capcom recently revised its earnings forecast, as its games are currently selling so well. While the developer did not single out Devil May Cry specifically (it did, however, celebrate the success of both Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin and Resident Evil Village), these latest numbers are surely a boon for the company.

Eurogamer gave Devil May Cry 5 a recommended badge on its release, with Martin praising its "unashamedly old school return".

"In full flow Devil May Cry 5 is a savage, spectacular action game, stylish to the extreme if not exactly fashionable."