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Devil May Cry 5 sales pass 6m copies

Devil May Sell.

Devil May Cry 5 has now sold over 6m copies.

The news comes three and a half years after its initial release across PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.

Since then it was re-released as Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 in November 2020.

Devil May Cry 5 - Steam Deck GameplayWatch on YouTube

Capcom shared the news on Twitter: "Thank you to all the SSStylish fans out there for your support!"

The game was already the best-selling in the series, before this latest milestone.

However, Devil May Cry is yet to break into the top 10 of Capcom's million-selling Platinum Titles.

The top 10 is dominated by Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Street Fighter. Devil May Cry 5 is currently at number 11 in the list.

There's no news yet on a potential Devil May Cry 6, though with this success it seems likely Capcom is considering it.

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