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Netflix Exploding Kittens game out next month

Don't cancel yet.

Amidst headlines over its plummeting subscriber numbers, Netflix has announced its next game project: a mobile version of hit card game Exploding Kittens.

Exploding Kittens - The Game will launch via Netflix next month, as the latest mobile title available to subscribers.

An Exploding Kittens adult animated series is also on the cards, with Lucy Liu and Lucifer star Tom Ellis attached to provide voices. That project won't arrive until 2023, however.

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From the sounds of it, this new mobile version of Exploding Kittens will play similarly to the card-based original. Players take turns to draw cards without being exploded themselves. Single-player and multiplayer will be available.

"Future cards and game mechanics will be themed around the animated series so friends and families can play with their favourite characters and bring the show to life," Netflix said in a statement to Variety.

"The co-development of a game and animated series breaks new ground for Netflix," said Netflix exec Mike Moon, "and we couldn't think of a better game to build a universe around than Exploding Kittens, one of the most inventive, iconic and original games of this century!"

Netflix launched its mobile games offering globally late last year for Android devices, with tie-ins for Stranger Things and a handful of other titles.

It has also recently acquired Oxenfree developer Night School Studio, Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales creator Next Games and then Boss Fight Entertainment, as the streaming service seeks to bolster its gaming portfolio.

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