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Save on ASUS, Samsung, MSI and Horizon products this weekend at CCL Computers

Get a 5 per cent discount on select gaming laptops, PCs, keyboards, mice and more this weekend.

This week we've been covering the sales event over at CCL Computers, where each day you could save 5 per cent on products from ASUS, Samsung, MSI, and Horizon.

If you missed out on any of these daily sales, don't worry! This weekend, (Saturday 23rd April and Sunday 24th April 2022) CCL is bringing back the discounts for all of the brands featured this week so you have one more opportunity to save 5 per cent on anything you need from Laptops and PCs to graphics cards and keyboards. You simply need to enter the code 'APRSAVE' at the checkout.

We've gone through the full range of products from these four manufacturers and picked out some of our favourites that CCL has to offer, to help you find something to get in the sale this weekend.


ASUS make some of the most popular gaming laptops, monitors, and accessories out there. Their ROG range features some of the most powerful and efficient prodcuts, while their TUF gaming line offers less expensive options that are built to last and offer more bang for your buck. Whether you want a new laptop or pre-built PC, or something to upgrade your current setup, ASUS will have what you're looking for.


Technology giant Samsung make almost everything, from washing machines and refrigerators to laptops and smartphones, Samsung devices are always reliable. While you're not going to find something for your kitchen on CCL, you can find Samsung's excellent laptops as well as monitors and SSDs to use in your PC or console. The whole range of Samsung products is on sale this weekend at CCL and is worth checking out, but here are a few of our picks.


MSI has steadily become one of the best manufacturers of gaming components, and has used that to also become a great maker of gaming laptops that deliver high performance while staying cool. They also offer a range of gaming peripherals, not to mention some pre-built gaming deskptops as well. If you're looking to revamp your setup or get a completely new one, MSI's range will have you well covered.


CCL has so many major brands available on their site, and it makes them one of the go-to destinations for anything gaming hardware related. The online retailer also has their own range of gaming PCs that use the components you can buy individually. If you want a new PC but don't want to build it yourself, CCL's Horizon range is a great option to find a PC to fit your performance and budget needs.

Hopefully our lists help you find something to save on this weekend. We'll be back on Monday with more of the best gaming deals and sales here and over on the Jelly Deals Twitter account, so make sure you're following so you don't miss out on any deals in the future.

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