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Quake's enhanced edition adds accessibility options, 26 years after original release

Plus new Horde Mode levels.

Accessibility options have been added to Quake, 26 years after the original game was released.

Last year an enhanced version of the game was released, which Bethesda is continuing to update and support.

This third update adds a number of accessibility options, mainly affecting visuals and voice chat.

Cover image for YouTube videoQuake - Official Trailer (2021)

Options like high contrast and an alternate typeface ensure that menus can be more easily read. Players can also customise the amount of screen flashing.

Then for voice chat, text can be converted into a synthesised voice for both incoming and outgoing messages, or voice chat can be transcribed. These options will certainly make multiplayer sessions more accessible.

In addition, the update brings three new levels to Horde Mode: Relic, The Trial, and The Tower.

There are further quality of life improvements too. That includes balance adjustments in Horde Mode, removing cheats from public multiplayer matches, improved multiplayer bots, and a number of bug fixes.

The update applies to all versions of the game: PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and Switch.

The PC version has additional improvements for modders.

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