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Your Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes protagonist is called Shez

Mysterious Mercenary revealed.

A new trailer for the forthcoming musou spin-off Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes has revealed the game’s Mysterious Mercenary protagonist.

You’ll be playing as the purple-haired Shez, who can be male or female (the name can be changed too) and is on a quest to challenge The Ashen Demon.

Shez can choose between three diverging paths based on the houses from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. There’s Scarlet Blaze (Edelgard), Azure Gleam (Dimitri), and Golden Wildfire (Claude), with the path chosen affecting story beats and playable characters.

Cover image for YouTube videoFire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes - Mysterious Mercenary Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Speaking of which, the trailer shows off gameplay of Shez and other characters in battle. Being a musou-style game, battles are in realtime but retain some elements of strategy from the main series.

In combat, adjutants will join you for partner special moves and Shez can level up various battle classes.

Outside of battle you’ll be able to explore base camp, train with allies, and of course eat meals with your pals.

It's still not clear what time frame this game takes place in, or exactly how it narratively links to Three Houses. However, the end of the trailer reveals Byleth from Three Houses, though it seems they won’t be who you expect.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes was revealed back in February and is due for release on Nintendo Switch on 24th June.