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Bird-themed digital board game adaptation Wingspan's European Expansion out in May

Adds new birds, abilities, backgrounds, and more.

Wingspan, the rather lovely digital adaptation of Stonemaier Games' equally lovely bird-themed board game, will be ushering a fresh flock of avians into its welcoming habitats from 5th May, come the launch of its first major gameplay DLC, the European Expansion.

Wingspan's European Expansion builds on the core game's soothing, strategic deck building - which Eurogamer's Robert Purchese was rather taken with when he first put it through its paces some time back now - by introducing 81 new bird cards from the European area, each accompanied by a recording of its actual sound.

These new birds will bring a range of fresh abilities for use during play - such as the option to steal other players' food, to place cards on already played cards, and to reset the bird feeder - and you'll find a little more in the way of specifics on the official European Expansion website.

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Elsewhere in the expansion, players can expect to find new backgrounds inspired by the landscapes of Europe, new player character avatars, new music, an updated version of the base game's Automata mode for solo players that introduces additional objective cards, an Automa Weekly Challenge, and more.

Wingspan's European Expansion will cost $9.99 USD when it comes to Steam, GOG, Switch, Xbox, and mobile devices on 5th May.

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