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Pokémon Go April Fools' 2-Oh?-22 quest steps and rewards explained


April Fools' 2-Oh?-22 is a special research quest celebrating April Fools Day in Pokémon Go.

Throughout this event, Ditto will be disguising itself more frequently in the wild and, if you play Pokémon Go before 11:59pm (local time) on Friday, 1st April, you'll unlock the special research quest - April Fools' 2-Oh?-22.

Below you'll find all of the April Fools' 2-Oh?-22 quest steps and rewards in Pokémon Go.

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'April Fools' 2-Oh?-22' quest steps in Pokémon Go

If you want to unlock the April Fools' 2-Oh?-22 special research quest in Pokémon Go, you need to play the game before 11:59pm (local time) on Friday, 1st April. Once you've unlocked this special research quest, you'll be able to complete it at your own pace.

We do, however, recommend finishing it on April Fool's Day 2022 itself, because some of the challenges will be easier to complete.

Be warned - the section below contains spoilers!

Thank you to redwineandbeer from reddit for the help with this information!

'April Fools' 2-Oh?-22' Step 1 of 3

Rewards: 1000 Stardust, 5 Razz Berries and 15 Ditto Candy

'April Fools' 2-Oh?-22' Step 2 of 3

  • Catch 10 Pokémon - 15 Great Balls
  • Catch 3 of the Transform Pokémon - 5 Super Potion
  • Transfer 10 Pokémon - 5 Pinap Berries

Rewards: 1500 XP, 1 Silver Pinap Berry and 15 Ditto Candy

'April Fools' 2-Oh?-22' Step 3 of 3

  • Claim reward - 10 Ultra Balls
  • Claim reward - 5 Hyper Potions
  • Claim reward - 3500 XP

Rewards: 3000 Stardust, 15 Ditto Candy and a Ditto encounter

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Tips on how to complete April Fools' 2-Oh?-22 in Pokémon Go

Here are some tips which will help you complete the April Fools' 2-Oh?-22 special research in Pokémon Go:

  • 'Catch 3 of the Transform Pokémon' means catch three Dittos. Due to this, we highly recommend completing this special research quest before April Fools Day ends, because Ditto will be appearing more frequently throughout this event. If you'd like to know which Pokémon Ditto is disguising itself as, visit our Ditto disguises explainer.
Catching Ditto in Pokémon Go
  • If you're having trouble finding Pokémon, then try using an incense to make them appear in your current location.
  • It's easier to achieve nice throws by targeting Pokémon with large catch radiuses.

Good luck completing April Fools' 2-Oh?-22!

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