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Starfield's robot companion VASCO shown off in new video

A byte-sized introduction.

A new behind the scenes video for Starfield has been revealed, with robot companion VASCO taking centre stage.

In this video, shared by IGN, Starfield lead artist Istvan Pely introduces us all to one of his "favourite campanions in the game".

Here, Pely states VASCO is a "reliable companion that an intrepid explorer like yourself can depend on".

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Pely additionally reveales VASCO is an expeditionary robot currently in the service of Constellation (as shown by his somewhat faded white and red paintwork), and an early model built by Lunar Robotics.

VASCO’s bipedal chassis was ultimatly refurbished to make him the ideal companion for negotiating the "rough terrain" of new planets and is "well suited to the rigors of space travel". As well as his steady footing, VASCO is also able to carry all the gear a space traveller may need when out in the wilds, so a handy robot to have around indeed.

Pely goes on to say VASCO is a peaceful robot, but don't be fooled into thinking this makes him a pushover. Should the need arise, VASCO can deploy his unspecified "defensive capabilities". That said, a closer look at VASCO's concept art does seem to depict a rifle hidden within the robot's arm (but please note that is just my guess and not confirmed by Bethesda).

You can check out VASCO's full introduction for yourself below.

Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere, Starfield's director Todd Howard sat down with key members of the team, including Pely, to share more about Bethesda’s upcoming space based RPG.

Starfield is due to release for Xbox and PC on 11th November.

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