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Elden Ring players banned for obtaining pants from other players

Knickers in a twist.

Elden Ring dragon battle
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Elden Ring players are getting soft banned for picking up pants dropped by other players.

As previously reported, players discovered a cut pair of underwear in the game. The Deathbed Smalls were meant to be part of the NPC Fia's armour set, but are unobtainable without hacking the game.

But hacks and mods cannot be used without by-passing the game's anti-cheat system. And simply owning the pants - even if obtained by another player - is seemingly enough to trigger a soft ban.

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According to reports on Reddit, such as one by user Ok-Communication7125, players were unaware the pants were an unobtainable item. Even though they've deleted the item, their account is still blocked from playing online.

Another user, JeSuisLePamplemous, has contacted Bandai Namco to submit a ticket requesting the ban to be reversed. The response stated: "I would like to inform you to remove any modified data/characters in your PC unit to avoid this from recurring. As the next possible suspension may be permanent."

A further response states that deleting the item alone may not be enough to avoid a ban, unless the entire save file is deleted.

What's worse is there appears to be a culprit, named Pantsu Dealer, who will invade player's games and drop the pants for unsuspecting players to obtain, causing a ban.

A new patch has removed a supposed bug that "allowed unauthorized items to be passed to other players", so it seems this issue may have been fixed.

Eurogamer has contacted Bandai Namco for comment. In the meantime, steer clear of any in-game underwear you might see.

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