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Elden Ring players discover underwear cut from final game

A thong of ice and fire.

Elden Ring players have discovered underwear that was cut from the final game.

Known as the Deathbed Smalls, the underwear is believed to have been part of an armour set alongside the Deathbed Dress (found late in the game).

The underwear is unobtainable in the game without cheating, but players have discovered they're worn by Fia - the NPC of hugging fame.

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Considering the underwear has a full set of stats, they were likely intended to be equipable but were later cut from the game.

That seems fair, considering their sexy lingerie style. FromSoftware aren't shy about letting characters run around in their underwear - the starting class Wretch wears little more than a rag - but these Deathbed Smalls are a step too far.

Souls YouTuber Fighter. PL showed off the pants in this video (see image below).

Of course, the pants are only available to PC players considering it relies on cheating.

A major patch has been added to the game today, making significant changes to quests and balancing, as well as bug fixes.

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