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Ubisoft quietly launches The Division 2 mode where you take over a nuclear power plant


A new mode for The Division 2 sees players fighting to take back control of a nuclear power station which has been captured by enemy forces.

Ubisoft has not trumpeted the arrival of the new eight-player offering, dubbed Countdown, and it's easy to see why. The new mode has launched while the very real fight for control of Chernobyl power station has been in the headlines, during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Of course, the mode has been in development for some time - and was not created in response to the real-world crisis. The timing, however, is unforunate.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Division 2: NEW COUNTDOWN GAMEPLAY! "Containment" Objective! FIRST IMPRESSIONS!

"The new mode, titled Countdown, in The Division 2 had been in development since early 2021," a Ubisoft spokesperson said in a statement (thanks, Kotaku). "Similar to the base game, the mode is a work of fiction and is unintentional to today’s current events."

Countdown is available to play now via The Division 2's public test server, though Ubisoft has not yet said when it will available to all players.