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Ubisoft confirms The Division 2 will get a Year 5

Details on mobile spin-off also due.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will receive further updates as part of a planned Year 5 for the game, Ubisoft has confirmed.

This follows a return to new features over the past year, and two more previously-announced seasons due over the course of 2022.

Season 10, due in late August, will feature a new Manhunt, fresh gear events, additional Countdown difficulties, new Legendary difficulty Strongholds and other quality of life improvements.

The Division 2's Season 9, launched earlier this year.Watch on YouTube

Season 11, due in early December, will add another new Manhunt, a whole other fresh game mode, plus more gear and quality of life improvements.

Looking to 2023, Ubisoft has said it will continue to marshall the forces of veterans at main The Division developer Massive, plus teams at Ubisoft Bucharest, Toronto and Shanghai, for the game's Year 5.

No further details on what that might contain were announced today.

The Division 2's 2022 roadmap.

Away from The Division 2 itself, a mobile version of Ubisoft's looter shooter franchise will be detailed "in the very near future". The series' free-to-play spin-off The Division Heartland also remains in development, and recently began a closed beta test.

The Division 2 originally launched back in March 2019, and rolled out its Warlords of New York expansion 12 months later. After that, things went rather quiet - until a few months ago, with the first new season in two years.

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