One hour. One single hour of following, listening, hiding and planning, of false starts and botched lunges. One hour of tracking a solitary armed guard in the circular hedge maze in Lionel Starkweather's grounds, waiting for the perfect moment to risk it all, move in and finish the kill. Any mistake would be fatal, sending me back to a distant checkpoint I had no interest in returning to. So that hour was everything. And the kill, when it finally came - was it satisfying? Not really. All I felt was relief. Relief, and a sickening tinge of dread, because now another little yellow arrow had just appeared on my radar

Gamers' Voice slams Keith Vaz

Attacks "amateurish" early day motion.

UK gamer rights group Gamers' Voice has attacked notorious anti-video game MP Keith Vaz for tabling an "amateurish" early day motion.

Vaz: "Iíve never been against games"

Controversial MP speaks to Eurogamer.

He was the guest that no-one expected to see Ė and yet Keith Vaz MP, Parliament's most hostile critic of the industry, turned out last night at an event in support of gaming, claiming: "I've never been against games".



Would you kill for Cash? Now Xbox owners can join in...

For all the emotional hand-wringing over Manhunt's gratuitous violence and total absence of morals, it's actually quite a simple game - and not one with a great deal of longevity either.

Coded by the legendary Rockstar North, the world held its breath last year to find out what else the talented Scottish studio could come up with, but what they got was perhaps something much less impressive and certainly less innovative than they would have reasonably expected.

Another baldy killer

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What Rockstar North is doing now exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark.