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The Division 2 players who "circumvent game mechanics to gain excessive XP" will be banned, warns Ubisoft

"Repeat offenders will be banned permanently."

The Division 2
Image credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft is gunning for The Division 2 players who are "circumventing game mechanics" to rack up "an excessive amount".

In a statement shared across the shooter's social media channels, the development team warned that it was "monitoring" the issue and players who "make use of these exploits" will receive a temporary ban, whilst repeat offenders will be banned permanently.

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"We have seen players circumvent game mechanics and systems in order to gain an excessive amount of XP in a short amount of time," the team explained in the brief statement.

"This is resulting in high latency on our servers and thereby making the game unstable and unenjoyable.

"We are monitoring this behaviour and players that make use of these exploits will receive a temporary ban (14 days) from the game on first offence," it concludes. "Repeat offenders will be banned permanently."

The Division 2 Season 11: Reign of Fire kicked off 28th February. It followed a tough period for the looter shooter, which finally launched on Steam in January - four years after it came out.

In early February, Ubisoft announced it had delayed the planned 7th February launch of Season 11 due to a localisation issue.

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