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The Division 2 Season 11: Reign of Fire gets new release date following delays


The Division 2
Image credit: Ubisoft

The Division 2 Season 11: Reign of Fire kicks off 28th February, Ubisoft has announced.

The news comes after a tough period for the looter shooter, which finally launched on Steam in January - four years after it came out.

In early February, Ubisoft announced it had delayed the planned 7th February launch of Season 11 due to a localisation issue.

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Then, on 9th February, Ubisoft admitted that in creating a fix for this localisation issue, it caused an error that brought down The Division 2 build generation. This meant the development team couldn't update the game at all until the system was rebuilt.

Ubisoft couldn't even extend activities from the previous season while it sorted all this out.

It seems Ubisoft has now ironed out the kinks, and feels confident enough in the stability of the game to issue a new release date for Season 11.

A Twitch livestream event has been set for the day before, on 27th February 27. During this, Ubisoft will run through all the new gubbins on offer.

On Steam, The Division 2 still has a mixed user review rating, with most complaints revolving around crashes.