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Looks like Kingdom Hearts 4 teases possible Star Wars crossover

Sora that coming.

A blink-and-you'll-miss-it tease in the newly-announced Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal trailer seems to hint at a Star Wars crossover.

Eagle-eyed fans have found what they think is the foot of an AT-ST walker - the chicken-legged tanks most famous from their appearance in Return of the Jedi.

Fittingly, this scene appears to be placed in a forest area - which looks very like the forest moon of Endor. Hey! Maybe this means Kingdom Hearts 4 will get Ewoks too?

The AT-ST foot pops up briefly just after the 4:40 mark.

Fans have been lining up images of the object shown in the trailer with official images of the AT-ST - and yeah, there's definitely a similarity there.

Look in the top right...
And for comparison...

This crossover would also make a lot of sense. As a Square Enix/Disney mash-up, Kingdom Hearts already includes characters and settings from across the Mickey Mouse media empire, including Pixar and (by way of Big Hero 6) Marvel. Star Wars seems the next obvious bet.

In fact, as StarWarsNewsNet brought to our attention, Disney even planned Star Wars content for a canned mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys - though this did not ultimately see the light of day.

If you missed it, Kingdom Hearts 4 was officially announced this weekend as part of the series' 20th anniversary celebrations. There's no word yet on when it might see release.