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Elden Ring's fake wall fixed in latest patch

Fifty strikes out.

Remember that fake wall that required 50 hits to disappear? The latest Elden Ring patch has now removed it.

As we previously reported, a wall in Volcano Manor was discovered that seemed to be a secret illusory wall, though it ultimately led nowhere particularly interesting.

It seems, though, that this was just a glitch after all. Souls YouTuber Zullie the Witch tested the wall after the new patch and found it no longer breaks.

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That means players no longer need to worry about a wealth of secrets hidden behind every flat surface. If a wall doesn't break in one hit, it wasn't meant to be hit at all.

Zullie also notes another glitch that's been fixed: bleed dogs no longer have a glitched attack. They're still pretty deadly but they don't deal thousands of damage like before.

The latest patch brought tonnes of balance changes and bug fixes gradually being discovered.

Something that wasn't in the patch notes, though, is an additional prompt for the game's tutorial so it's no longer missable.

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