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There's an illusory wall in Elden Ring that requires 50 strikes

"The fact that this kind of wall exists at all… is disturbing."

If you've been running around the Lands Between, confident you've successfully whacked every potential illusory wall, I have bad news - it turns out that at least one secret opening requires you to strike it at least 50 times.

According to this outrageously patient player on Reddit (thanks, PC Gamer), there's seemingly an illusory wall in Volcano Manor that will only disappear once you've hit it 50 times.

"This video is the greatest and most heinous iteration of 'hidden path ahead'," wrote one player. "Now instead of hitting every wall once, I have to go hit every wall 50 times."

"You know we have to go back through the entire game and check every wall now, right," added another. The OP just calls the discovery "disturbing".

Interestingly, it's sparked discussion in the comments about whether this is a true illusory wall or is, in fact, a "normal" wall that the player was able to destroy through beating down its HP. As it doesn't lead anywhere particularly exciting - or secret - and it's near another fake wall and doesn't quite have the same audio cues, some think it's just a glitch.

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