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Elden Ring now completed in just 33 minutes

UPDATE: Now done in under half an hour.

UPDATE 11.05am UK: No sooner had we published our original story below when it turns out Distortion2 has already beaten his own record.

Elden Ring has now been beaten in under half an hour. Truly impressive stuff!

ORIGINAL STORY 11:00am UK: Another day, another Elden Ring speedrun record.

Last week we reported that the game had been completed in two and a half hours, then under an hour, and then under 50 minutes.

Now Distortion2 - responsible for that last time - has finished the game in just 33 minutes.

Cover image for YouTube videoElden Ring for dummies: Basics for EVERYTHING You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask) PS5 GAMEPLAY

So how is it done? Firstly, Distortion2 has learned some impressive routes around the map on Torrent, the horse, making use of double jumps to swiftly circumvent areas.

Then he uses a speedrun technique called wrong warping where he forces the game to reload and warp his character to a different place on the map, essentially skipping most of the game.

Cover image for YouTube videoElden Ring Any% Speedrun in 33:55

The samurai also seems to be the speedrunner's class of choice, largely as the starting Uchigatana weapon causes blood loss - handy against bosses.

With the popularity of the game, it probably won't be long until this time is beaten once again. Speedruns are coming in thick and fast - speedrun.com hasn't even listed any Elden Ring times yet.

Perhaps even harder than speedrunning the game is dealing with the endless discourse, something Nathan Brown wrote about and published on Eurogamer.