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Elden Ring has now been completed in under an hour

UPDATE: A torrent of speedruns.

UPDATE 2.30pm UK: Already, Elden Ring speedrun records are being broken.

No sooner had LilAggy completed the game in 59 minutes 38 seconds, Distortion2 managed an even quicker time in his first attempt: 49 minutes and 29 seconds.

What's next? Sub 40 minutes?

ORIGINAL STORY 12:10pm UK: Earlier this week we reported that Elden Ring had been completed in just two and a half hours. Two days later and that's already been significantly beaten.

Streamer LilAggy has managed to complete the game in under an hour.

"First person in the world to complete Elden Ring in under one hour," he tweeted, grinning with his time of 59 minutes 38 seconds.

A video of his run can be found on YouTube. Of course, don't watch it if you're avoiding spoilers.

So how does he do it? We'll keep things vague, but there are a couple of tricks.

Early on he warps to Volcano Manor thanks to an attack from a specific enemy - this is an intended mechanic. What isn't intended by FromSoftware is that LilAggy forces the game to spawn his character in certain locations after dying, cheekily skipping to late-game areas.

LilAggy chooses to play as the Samurai class, as the starting katana has decent bleed damage that can be used to defeat bosses. He also uses the Icerind Hatchet skill which doesn't scale with your stats unlike normal attacks, meaning he can focus level ups on health and FP instead.

In a comment on the YouTube video, LilAggy also explains how the time is calculated - something that may change in future.

"This run is timed using In Game Time (IGT). The timer on screen is displaying the exact IGT straight from the game's memory - it's the same number you'd see on the load game screen from the main menu," he says.

"The speedrun leaderboard rules have not been officially decided yet, so IGT may not be the timing method that ends up being used in future runs (we may opt for real time minus load screens aka 'RTA No Load' timing instead). Going by RTA No Load timing, this run is a minute or two off of being a sub hour run."

What's more, he reckons a sub 50 minute run is entirely possible with fewer deaths.

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