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Elden Ring's NPCs unmasked

Friend and foe alike.

Many of the NPCs in Elden Ring wear masks or hoods, but one dataminer has now uncovered their real faces.

Zullie the Witch is well known on YouTube for playing around with the Souls games, examining characters and exploring the world design.

In their latest videos Zullie unmasks Elden Ring's NPCs by uncovering their specific values in the character creator (spotted by PC Gamer).

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The values mean it's possible to recreate any NPC, without their equipment.

For instance, Sorceress Sellen, who the player meets early on to learn sorceries, wears a stone mask. But beneath that she has dark hair and blue eyes.

Or if you've wondered what Yura looks like under that lampshade of a helmet, turns out he sports an unkempt, shaggy looking hair do.

D, Hunter of the Dead, meanwhile looks pretty vampiric with his ghostly visage.

Zullie has a second video focusing on enemy NPCs, rather than the friendly ones. Many of these are NPC invasions you wouldn't normally see up close.

Check out Zullie's videos below, but beware of spoilers of course.

Cover image for YouTube videoElden Ring - The NPCs have unique faces again
Cover image for YouTube videoElden Ring - Hidden faces of enemy NPCs

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