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Don't Starve Together brings multiplayer survival to Switch later this month

Arriving alongside new Shared Unlocks feature.

Don't Starve Together, developer Klei Entertainment's co-operative multiplayer twist on its acclaimed survival adventure, will be making its way to Switch on 12th April.

If you've already played Don't Starve, you'll be right at home with Together; it takes the original's deliciously dark survival conceit - in which you awake in an expansive, wonderfully twisted world and must forage, maim, eat, and build in order to survive long enough to orchestrate an escape - but enables you to do it all with friends in tow.

There are three different modes available - Survival (in which players become revivable ghosts on death), the resurrection-free Wilderness, and a more leisurely Endless mode - all incorporating features from the original Don't Stare, its Reign of Giants expansion, plus elements from the Hamlet and Shipwrecked DLCs.

Cover image for YouTube videoDon’t Starve Together - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Don't Starve Together - Switch Announcement Trailer.

Switch players will be able to slip into the murky co-operative world of Don't Starve Together on 12th April, and, as detailed by Klei in a post on its forum, it'll be accompanied by a new Shared Unlocks feature - which, just as it sounds, will enable players to unlock the likes of skins, drops, characters, plant registry, and crockpot recipes on either Xbox, Switch, or PC. These can then be accessed on any other platform if they so choose.

Unfortunately, Shared Unlocks won't initially be available for PlayStation users, with Klei saying that while it's "trying" to implement the feature, "the requirements to get this on to Playstation are more than a studio our size can handle for such a service".

Klei also stresses Shared Unlocks is an items-only feature and not cross-play. While it says it would "would love to do" cross-play, it's "a lot of work to implement" and "not necessarily accessible to smaller teams like ours". Ending on an optimistic note, though, it adds: "Times are changing and hopefully in the future things like this will be made easier for all developers."