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Get big savings on Razer gaming chairs and laptops in the Chroma Mania sale

Discounts, gift cards, and free glasses to be had.

Razer make some of the best products for gamers, from high end laptops and mice to comfortable chairs and handy backpacks, they'll usually have what you're looking for whether you want it sleek and unassuming or bright and colourful.

And from now until the 25th April 2022, there's lots of savings to be had on these top quality items in Razer's Chroma Mania season. We've highlighted what you can grab a bargain on below.

Save 20 percent when you buy 2 or more items

You can currently save 20 percent on your total basket when you buy two or more products and spend over £149. Also, make sure you enter the code 'CHROMA' at checkout to get a Razer Keycap keychain (worth £9.99) for free! Shipping is free on all orders over £79 so you needn't worry about paying for that either.

This works with anything on the Razer store, as well as their bestsellers like the popular Razer Basilisk V3 gaming mouse, Razer BlackWidow V3 gaming keyboard and more.

Free Razer gaming glasses when you buy a gaming chair

Those looking to buy a Razer Iskur or Razer Enki gaming chair are in for a treat. When you buy any of these chairs you'll get a pair of Razer Anzu Smart Glasses, which are blue-light blocking glasses. These are pretty smart because they also have built-in headphones and a microphone! The glasses are worth £199.99, so getting them for free feels like daylight robbery.

The Iksur is Razer's more premium chair, and comes in grey fabric or black leather and has different sizes and the option of Razer's signature green trim. The Enki is the more budget-friendly option, and comes in two sizes as well as in green and a bright pink.

Get a £100/$100 gift card when you buy a Razer Book

If you're looking for a laptop to work on instead of gaming, Razer's got you covered with the Razer Book. The Razer Book is all about performance and productivity, boasting Intel Core i7 CPUs with a 13.4-inch UHD+, 100 per cent sRGB screens with slim bezels, touch display, anti-reflective coating, and Gorilla Glass. However, The Razer Book doesn't have a discreet GPU, instead using intergrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics. You can play lighter games like Rocket League at max settings without dropping a frame, or heavier titles on lower settings at 60fps, but this machine is really designed for hard work to be done.

If you buy a Razer Book before the 30th of June, you can get a £100/$100 Razer Gift card added on for free, and if you use the code 'TEAMTAG' at checkout you'll get a Razer Dog Tag thrown in for free too. There are different variations of the Razer Book, three in white and three in quartz, and you can check them all out with the link below.

Make the most of this awesome sale while you can. You can see where some of Razer's products land in Digital Foundry's best gaming mice guide and their best gaming headset guide to help you choose. Also make sure you're following the Jelly Deals Twitter account so you don't miss future deals on Razer prodcuts and more.

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