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New Saints Row trailer shows extent of the game's customisation options

"You do you."

Remember last week when I told you publisher Deep Silver and developer Volition had a showcase all about the customisation coming in the Saints Row reboot? Well, it's here, and boy has it delivered.

Let's put it this way, when the Saints Row team said the customisation will cover "all aspects of player choice in the game", they really meant it.

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Everything from your teeth to your car's horn can be made just the way you want. You fancy fangs? Go for it.

You want to roll up to a job with a car that sounds like a clown mobile? I mean, each to their own, but if that's what you want to do, you can.

And the customisation doesn't stop there. Your weapons will also get to have their own makeover. From colours and patterns to all out of refits, there are numerous weird and wonderful ways to make your Saints Row experience truly unique. You can even disguise your rifle as an umbrella a la Penguin from Batman. Or, if that is not subtle enough, why not make your rocket launcher look like a guitar case.

In fact, there are so many customisation options, I feel a tad overwhelmed. But even if I am feeling that way now, I do love how inclusive it is. The in-depth character creator includes everything from birthmarks to prosthetics, meaning there is plenty of room for players to make a character as individual or as personal as they desire.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself below.

Watch on YouTube

All of the customisations you see within this trailer will be available by earning cash through completing missions and criminal ventures, so you'd better not be idle.

When the reboot was first announced, some fans felt this new take was straying too far away from what made the original so cherished. There were those that lamented the decision to introduce new, younger, members of the crime ring, saying that the announcement trailer made them feel old.

However, credit where credit is due, it looks like the Saints Row team is doing everything to make this a game for newcomers and series veterans alike.

Eurogamer's Martin got a bonus look at the Saints Row reboot last August.

"While we've only seen small snippets of the Saints Row reboot in action, it's looking mighty promising, with its new direction making all sorts of sense after the wild excesses of Saints Row 4," he wrote at the time.

Saints Row is due to launch on 23rd August across Xbox, PlayStation and PC.