Saints Row 4

Volition's latest is dressed for excess, and won't disappoint fans of its particular brand of wilful stupidity.


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Indie games, Minecraft challenges and Saints Row 4 DLC, live from 3pm GMT, complete with fabulous prizes.

Saints Row 4: Enter The Dominatrix review

Tune in, strap on, cock out.

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Saints Row 4 gets proper mod support three years after launch

Saints Row 4 finally has proper mod support - three years after it came out.

Developer Volition has added Steam Workshop support for Saints Row 4 on PC, which makes it a lot easier to create and install mods.

Expect to see plenty of new weapons, clothes and other user-generated madness available to add to the game. At the time of publication, one of the most popular mods is a flamethrower guitar, because Saints Row 4.

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Cancelled Saints Row PSP game unearthed

Cancelled Saints Row PSP game unearthed

Canned Saints Row: Undercover to be live-streamed next week.

A cancelled Saints Row PSP game has been revealed.

Dubbed Saints Row: Undercover, the canned project was shuttered in 2009 when developer Volition and then-publisher THQ decided it wasn't up to scratch with the series' standards.

Amusingly, most folks at Volition these days didn't even know it existed. As explained in the video below, Volition associate video editor Josh Stinson simply happened upon the game laying in a wayward PSP dev kit tucked away in a storage room.

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Digital Foundry vs Saints Row 4: Re-Elected on PS4

Released towards the end of the last-gen lifecycle, Saints Row 4 demonstrated how dated console hardware struggled to keep up with the technological demands of the latest triple-A titles. Despite numerous improvements over its predecessor, the game suffered from poor frame-rates and compromised image quality, impacting on the overall enjoyment of the game. While the wacky sci-fi settings, satirical humour, and crazy range of weaponry still allowed for enjoyable moments on both Xbox 360 and PS3, it was clear that the PC game was by far and away the best way to enjoy the experience.

Amidst a proliferation of last-gen titles arriving on PS4 and Xbox One in 'remastered' forms, the release of Saints Row 4: Re-Elected is something of an opportunity, allowing us to potentially enjoy what is a great game, free from the compromises wrought by last-gen hardware. But this is more than just a simple port. For those jaded by the procession of remastered games arriving on the new consoles, Saints Row 4: Re-Elected includes a significant extra to sweeten the deal: the inclusion of the Gat out of Hell expansion, a brand new standalone release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC but included as part of the deal for PS4 and Xbox One owners.

It's an enticing extra we'll be looking at closer to release, but for the purposes of this article, we're checking out the core Saints Row 4 experience and the upgrades made to the game. Given the massive leap in GPU power, there's the potential for running the new edition at 1080p60 - the gold standard for remastered titles on current-gen consoles. But just how well has High Voltage converted across the original work? Are we looking at a simple PC port or a more fleshed out reworking of the game's visuals?

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Behold: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell's glorious launch... infomercial?

You've got to hand it to Volition and Deep Silver, the developer and publisher behind Saints Row 4. In addition to creating one of the smartest, funniest, most fun, and shockingly progressive adventures in recent years, it's also assembled quite the marketing campaign for its upcoming next-gen re-release, Saints Row 4: Re-Elected, and standalone expansion Gat out of Hell.

This latest launch trailer takes the form of an infomercial espousing the virtues of Saints Row 4's new content. You know, things like "enhanced graphics, extra nut kicks, sharing and livestreaming, extra polygons, 666 times the colours, one million p or more resolution, more english speaking aliens, [and] more obscure pop culture references."

As a bonus, that number at the bottom actually leads to a very funny six-minute message. Though we're not sure if the "calls from outside the US and Canada may be charged at your telecommunication provider's international call rates " line is a joke or not. But if you can, give it a listen.

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Saints Row 4 SDK released for PC

Modders can now design and create their own weapons. God help us all.

Volition has released the first official SDK for Saints Row 4, enabling modders to begin creating their own weapons for the famously anarchic sandbox game. Weapon models from the upcoming Gat Out Of Hell standalone expansion are included.

Saints Row 4's most iconic weapon has got to be its Dubstep Gun: an alien terror thats bizarre beats forces its victims to dance until they fall victim to the shower of sparks the gun rains upon them. Now Saints Row fan KazeXenami is making a semi-working replica of the weapon that lights up and plays music - even if it's not functional as a deadly weapon.

VideoChristmas live streams and free games all day!

Indie games, Minecraft challenges and Saints Row 4 DLC, live from 3pm GMT, complete with fabulous prizes.

Yo ho how ya doing? Ian is heading off on his Christmas holidays tonight, so he's planning to stream stuff on YouTube all day to celebrate, starting with festive-themed Xbox Live indie games at 3pm GMT, sledding into a Minecraft Christmas challenge at 5pm and jingling around in Saints Row 4's new Christmas-themed DLC at 7pm.

Saints Row 4 announces How the Saints Save Christmas DLC

Saints Row 4 announces How the Saints Save Christmas DLC

Ho ho ho motherf*****, I have a Christmas Dubstep Gun.

Saint Row 4 is set to kick off the holidays in style with its yule-tide themed DLC, How the Saints Save Christmas, due on 11th December for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Free for Season Pass owners and $6.99 (about £5) for everyone else, How the Saints Save Christmas will contain three new story missions, two new vehicles (Flying Reindeer, Santa's Sleigh), and three new weapons (Red Rider BB Gun, Christmas Dubstep Gun, and the North Pole).

The add-on will follow the story of the curmudgeonly boss of the Saints not caring enough to save Santa who's trapped in the game's Matrix-like simulation. Naturally the buck falls to the gang to cheer up the president of the United States with the true meaning of Christmas.

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Saints Row 4: a fun game that makes serious points

Beneath the parody, there's a brilliant game about friendship, sex and strong women.

For years I've been saying I've wanted a game where I could play as an overweight, slightly older female protagonist. Call it my weariness of alpha male space marines or my undying affection for Love & Rockets lead Maggie Chascarillo, but I've always felt that this is a thing that needs to happen. Whenever I tell people this they assume I mean some sort of experimental curio - maybe an "interactive drama" (whatever that means) like The Walking Dead or Beyond, or perhaps the sort of casual adventure game that gets marketed to stay at home moms who frequent Bigfish. But that's not necessarily what I'm after. Instead, I've always wanted a big, stupid action game starring a chunky badass lass.

Saints Row 4: Enter The Dominatrix review

Saints Row 4: Enter The Dominatrix review

Tune in, strap on, cock out.

Enter the Dominatrix is potentially a fascinating case study in how games evolve. In its nascent form, it was an expansion pack for Saints Row: The Third until THQ decided it merited a full-blown sequel. This, then, presents a shorter, alternative take on the Zin invasion, with the simulated Steelport in which the Saints are trapped taken over by a rogue AI program, the titular Dominatrix.

Volition opts not to take the opportunity to discuss the vagaries of game development, and instead plays it for laughs. Which is probably for the best, as it turns out. This isn't a particularly great expansion in mechanical terms, but the way it's presented papers over a lot of cracks.

It all hangs upon a very post-modern conceit that, in other hands, could have been horribly smug or indulgent. The action is framed as previously unseen footage, revealed by the cast to journalist Jane Valderama on her TV show. The Saints, including characters from previous games that didn't make the cut in 4, comment on events throughout, winking to camera during the interstitial interview snippets, and in one case - namely, SR4 absentee Donnie - moaning about their lack of screen time.

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Saints Row 4 Enter the Dominatrix DLC release date announced

Saints Row 4 Enter the Dominatrix DLC release date announced

Out later this month for £6 or as part of the Season Pass.

The Saints Row 4 Enter the Dominatrix DLC launches on 23rd October 2013, Deep Silver has announced.

It includes new weapons, new characters, new enemies and new missions, packaged together for £5.99. Season Pass owners get it automatically.

The second half of the season pass and final mission pack, How the Saints Saved Christmas, launch later this year.

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Saints Row 4 sells one million copies in first week

Saints Row 4 sells one million copies in first week

PC sales up 3:1 on Saints Row: The Third.

Saints Row 4 sold one million copies during its first week on sale, Koch Media has announced.

PC sales were up by a ratio of 3:1 compared to PC sales of Saints Row: The Third.

IP owner Koch Media, parent company of publisher Deep Silver and developer Volition, hailed Saints Row 4 as a "breakthrough commercial achievement". A sequel for next-gen consoles now seems likely.

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Saints Row 4 review

Saints Row 4 review

Grand heft auto.

It feels strange to say it, but Saints Row has to be chalked up as one of the success stories of the current console generation. It's an unlikely kind of triumph: what began as little more than a poor man's GTA has evolved into a kind of anything-goes sandbox action game, but it's hard to pick out a defining characteristic beyond the fact that it lets you do stupid stuff.

Four games in and it's reinventing itself again. Cars are no longer for stealing; they're far better used for throwing. Yes, we're in superhero territory, the ground occupied by the likes of Prototype and inFamous, and a potentially tricky area for a series as famously chaotic as Saints Row to attempt to conquer. Happily, Volition has made it work, hitting that sweet spot between empowerment and vulnerability.

It finds that balance partly in a fitting threat level. Saints Row's pimps and gangsters just aren't going to cut it any more, not least because, at the outset, it turns out the Saints' influence has spread as far as the White House. Your protagonist doesn't have long to enjoy his presidency, though, because no sooner have you passed a bill to cure cancer or end world hunger (a jab at Fable 3's moral dilemmas, perhaps), a race of alien invaders beams down and kidnaps all your friends, imprisoning you in a simulation of Steelport, the fictional city we saw in the last game.

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Imagine Saints Row in the 1950s

And more from Gamer Network on YouTube.

This week Gamer Network's video digest brings more history, from the 1950s to the present day. UK developer Eutechnyx is put under the microscope and, on an even smaller scale, some Skylanders get placed onto a pedestal.

VideoLet's Play Saints Row 4

Superpowers, dubstep and general mayhem.

Saints Row 4's a thing, then. A very noisy, energetic and mad thing, and an extension of a series that's never really been known for subtlety. If anything Saints Row 4's like an unhinged version of its predecessor - not surprising, perhaps, given that it started life as a slice of absurd DLC - but anyone who's played Saints Row 3 will know that's no small achievement.

Saints Row 4 season pass detailed

Contains exclusive “Rectifier” anal probe and Enter the Dominatrix DLC.

Saints Row 4's Season Pass has will grant access to two pieces of DLC along with exclusive access to the too-offensive-for-Australia "Rectifier" anal probe, publisher Deep Silver has announced.

Danny Bilson: inside the rise and fall of THQ

The outspoken former chief of Saints Row, Homefront and Darksiders finally breaks his silence.

The week before Danny Bilson left THQ in May 2012, he still had hope. He had a plan: Darksiders 2 from Vigil. Metro: Last Light from 4AGames. Company of Heroes 2 from Relic Entertainment. Enter the Dominatrix, the standalone expansion for Saints Row the Third, from Volition. South Park: The Stick of Truth, in production at Obsidian Entertainment. Homefront 2 at Crytek UK. And then there was the unannounced stuff: the next-gen game from Turtle Rock we now know is called Evolve. Patrice Désilets' 1666 at THQ Montreal. The portfolio is long and impressive.

Saint's Row 4 dev walkthrough shows off six minutes of gameplay

Saint's Row 4 dev walkthrough shows off six minutes of gameplay

Dubstep gun, mechs, aliens and super powers.

A six minutes developer walkthrough of Saint's Row 4 has emerged, showing off the loads of new content in Volition's bats*** insane sequel.

Volition senior producer Jim Boone takes us through several of Saint's Row 4's new additions including an electricity gun that plays dubstep and shoots in sync to the tune, a ray that inflates characters' body parts until they pop, a mech you can hop into, and new weapon upgrades and skins. Oh, and there are aliens, too.

Additionally, your character, the gang leader-cum-president of the United States, has super powers like super speed, leaping over buildings in a single bound, gliding, telekinesis and freezing objects.

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Saint's Row devs not concerned by proximity to GTA 5

"When they announced their date and it was so close to us - that was an interesting phenomenon."

Saints Row developer Volition is not concerned about releasing the fourth installment in its over-the-top open world series mere weeks before the launch of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 - and believes the genre's now broad enough to support multiple games.

Dubstep guns, superpowers and a playable President: Welcome to Saints Row 4

Volition's open world sequel is even more ridiculous than what's gone before.

You can't keep a lid on a series as noisy as Saints Row, so the fourth instalment's first reveal proper last week came as no real shock. What is surprising, perhaps, is that the energy and boisterousness of the series remains with developer Volition, despite what must have been a turbulent few months.

Saints Row 4 release date announced, debut trailer revealed

Saints Row 4 launches on 20th August 2013 in the US and 23rd August 2013 everywhere else, a just-published trailer reveals.

Saints Row 4 is planned for release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and is made by series developer Volition.

It's published by Deep Silver, which bought the Saints Row intellectual property and Volition after previous owner THQ went bust.

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