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Sci-fi strategy game Stellaris joins Xbox Game Pass for PC this month

Alongside Minit, The Outer Worlds, and more.

Microsoft has confirmed the latest batch of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass on PC - and while a few have been revealed previously, some new names, including sci-fi grand strategy game Stellaris, will also be making the leap to the subscription service before the month is through.

Alongside Stellaris, quirky (and tremendously entertaining) 60-second puzzle adventure Minit joins the Xbox Game Pass line-up on PC, as does F1 2018, a racer that Eurogamer's Martin Robison called "one of the very best F1 games to date" in his Recommended review last year.

There's more racing, albeit of a two-wheeled variety, courtesy of Lonely Mountains Downhill, and also heading to the service at some currently undisclosed point this month is Saints Row 4: Re-Elected, developer Volition's extremely silly superhero-themed open-world jaunt through an alien computer simulation, and "multi-layered" cyberpunk sci-fi thriller State of Mind.

Cover image for YouTube videoMinit Teaser Trailer
Cover image for YouTube videoState of Mind - Story Trailer 2018

Last but not least, then, is October's biggest hitter so far - Obsidian Entertainment's promising comedic sci-fi RPG, The Outer Worlds. This one comes to Game Pass on launch day (on both Xbox One and PC) so it's one of the few titles arriving this month that has an actual proper release date: 25th October.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Outer Worlds Gameplay – Fallout in Space from New Vegas Devs

And if you're curious to know more about The Outer Worlds, Eurogamer's Emma Kent spent a troubled, but informative, hour with the game back in August.