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Pokémon Go maker's Peridot begins its soft launch

Currently available in Malaysia.

Peridot, the next game from Pokémon Go maker Niantic, has begun to roll out via its recently-announced soft launch.

So far, the cute Tamagotchi-like app has become available in Malaysia - and footage of the game's opening stages has been posted online.

Around 10 minutes of footage from one user reveals Peridot's opening tutorial, item shop and a list of possible tasks to increase your creature's happiness. These tasks include pointing your phone camera (and therefore your Peridot pet) at specific objects like a flower, a cat or a dog.

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Peridot's tutorial teaches you how to pet your digital pal for XP, and how to trace a circle on the ground to get your Peridot (or Dot for short) to forage for food.

The game's map shows nearby adult Dots who are available to breed. Tapping on one shows its list of behavioural traits (such as "scholarly", "stony faced" and "downright peachy").

While playing with your Dot, you can give it commands to sit, or float.

Watch on YouTube

In this version of the game, there seems to be a limit to the number of past pets you can track via Summoning Wisps, items you use to recall and reconnect with Dots that have raised to adulthood and then released.

The game's store lists various items for sale, including Seed Sprouts for quicker growth, Summoning Wisps to recall more pets, and nests which can help modify the appearance of bred offspring.

A section also suggests you'll again be able to accumulate some in-game currency via undertaking basic tasks - such as walking 1km, feeding and petting your Dot each day.

Eurogamer previously discussed the making of Peridot and how it will differ from Pokémon Go with developer Niantic. For more on the game, our Peridot preview has all you need to know.

There's no word on when Peridot will be made available elsewhere - when it reaches Europe or North America, we'll let you know.