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Upcoming indies Stray and Cult of the Lamb get new release windows

You feline ok?

New release windows have been revealed for several upcoming indie games, including Stray and Cult of the Lamb.

In a tweet from PlayStation, that also comes with a colourful teaser, the company revealed that Stray will be coming to consoles this summer. Previously we had been given an "early 2022" window but, given that we are now into Q2 and not been told a more concrete date, this new timeframe isn't exactly a surprise.

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Along with Stray, We are OFK will also be releasing this summer. Meanwhile Cult of the Lamb, which was previously only slated for a release "later this year" will be coming our way this autumn.

Stray will put players into the shoes - sorry, paws - of an adorable cat. When in this purrfect role, players will be able to explore the post-apocalyptical cyber city with a droid pal by being stealthy, nimble and, on occasion, a tad pesky for city residents.

But if you are less of a cat carer and more of a lamb lover, then why don't ewe give Cult of the Lamb a spin? In this dark cartoon adventure, players will be able to start their own cult in "a land of false prophets".

This will be done by "venturing out into diverse and mysterious regions to build a loyal community of woodland worshippers and spread your Word to become the one true cult".