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Bugsnax coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam this month, new DLC revealed

Tuck in!

Get ready intrepid explorers, as Young Horses has announced its colourful and eclectic adventure romp Bugsnax will be making its way to Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam on 28th April, as well as to Game Pass across Xbox and PC.

But wait, there’s more. Not only will new players be welcomed onto the whimsical shores of Snaktooth Island, home to the game’s titular snack and bug hybrids, they will also get their hands on the game’s brand new DLC - The Isle of Bigsnax - on the very same day. For those who have already been playing Bugsnax through PlayStation and Epic, don’t worry. This DLC will also be coming to you at the same time.

In this new DLC, players will be sent to a mysterious new island that has risen up from the depths of the sea. And, as you may have already guessed by its name, here players will come across a new range of supersized bugsnax to capture. You can check out the new trailer for The Isle of Bigsnax below.

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In addition to this, the developer is “also happy to share that new trophies and achievements will be coming to Bugsnax as part of the The Isle of Bigsnax update.”

The main campaign for Bugsnax’s upcoming DLC will add between three to four hours of new story content, with the game’s original cast returning to reprise their roles as their respective grumpuses.

Along with this DLC update, players will also find additional content on the game’s original island, with “new mail quests from the grumpuses to complete, hats to acquire for your favorite snax, and your very own hut to decorate and call home!”

Eurogamer gave Bugsnax a recommended badge on its release, with Donlan calling it “a fascinating spin on creature collecting”.

“Really, just go and play this game, which uses familiar ideas, all of them well-handled, in the service of something that I will be continuing to turn over in my mind for the next few months, I suspect.

“Bugsnax is colourful, clever, and surprising - and you deserve to discover the deepest aspects of it for yourself.”

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