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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Bugsnax - Dance With the Dragon quest: How to defeat the Megamaki in Bugsnax

How to defeat this literal sushi dragon.

The Megamaki is one of the legendary Bugsnax that you can hunt down and capture in Bugsnax.

If you want to hunt down the Megamaki, then, unlike other wild Bugsnax, you need to complete a number of side missions to unlock the chance to catch it.

The Megamaki will only appear during the Dance With the Dragon! side mission, which will see you and Wiggle attempt to summon this mighty snack.

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How to start the Dance With the Dragon! side mission in Bugsnax

To unlock the chance to capture the Megamaki in Bugsnax, then you need to complete a number of missions in the 'Wiggle Gets Inspired' side mission set.

These side missions are:

  • Yellow Submarine!
  • Fly Me to the Moon!

To unlock these side missions, you must first convince Wiggle to return to Snaxburg. It may take some time for these side missions to appear, so feel free to continue with the main missions until they do.

You can also check your journal where, in the Quest section, you'll be able to see if any of the Grumpuses have any side missions available for you. If there are, then these missions will be represented by a series of question marks, until you talk to the Grumpus about what they need you to do.

How to defeat the Megamaki in Bugsnax

Once you've started the Dance With the Dragon! side mission by talking to Wiggle in Bugsnax, you'll find yourself transported to the Boiling Bay. The battle against the Megamaki will begin after Wiggle has finished her song.

The Megamaki is constructed out of the dragon headed Megamaki itself and nine Minimaki, which must all be captured before the Megamaki.

To capture the Minimaki, you must sever their connection to the Megamaki by breaking through the dragon's body. This is done by shooting the Trick Shoot between the Megamaki and first Minimaki at exactly the right time.

You'll notice that the pillars which rose from the sands have two sets of yellow lines at both the bottom and top. It's between these yellow lines that you'll want to place and aim the Trick Shoot.

As you attempt to do this, however, the Megamaki will send orange balls towards you, which will temporarily destroy any pillar they touch.

We recommend placing the Trick Shoot on your chosen pillar the moment these balls have vanished from the battlefield. You can then make sure the Trick Shoot is aiming in the right direction and get a good distance away, so that, if the Megamaki attacks again, it won't destroy your chosen pillars.

Try using this set of pillars.

If your preferred pillars do get destroyed though, then purposely stand next to pillars that you don't wish to use. This will ensure that these pillars are destroyed by the Megamaki and, when enough have been destroyed, all of the pillars will once more rise from the sand, allowing you to return to your previous battle strategy.

During the first stage of the battle, the Megamaki will swim through the ocean, so you'll need to place and aim your Trick Shoot between the lowest lines on the pillars. We recommend using the pillars to the right of Wiggle, as you can easily run away and continue to have a good enough view of the Trick Shoot, so you know when to attack.

Remember - scanning either the Megamaki or a Minimaki will allow its path to appear on the ground, so you can easily determine which sets of pillars it will pass through.

It may take you a couple of tries to get the timing right, but, eventually, you'll manage to break the Megamaki apart.

When this happens you'll have 20 seconds to collect as many of the Minimaki pieces as possible. Just watch out for other Bugsnax and the Megamaki, which will try to knock you away from its body parts.

After you've captured at least four pieces of Minimaki, the Megamaki and remaining Minimaki will begin to fly through the air.

Now you'll need to continue placing the Trick Shoot between the lower yellow lines, but aiming between the two upper yellow lines on the pillar opposite.

As the Megamaki will be moving up and down through the air, it will be harder to judge your timing, but, again, it's just a matter of experimenting with timing and being very fast catching those Minimaki when you do.

Again we recommend placing the Trick Shoot on the pillar to the right of Wiggle and aiming at the one directly opposite it, because the Megamaki will continue to move between these two pillars.

Eventually, you'll catch all of the Minimaki and, when that happens, the Megamaki will shrink, allowing you to easily catch it!

Once you've caught the Megamaki, feed it to Wiggle to complete the Dance With the Dragon! side mission.

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