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Bugsnax - video diary locations: Where to find Lizbert's video diaries explained

Where to find each of Lizbert's video diaries on Snaktooth Island!

Scattered across Snaktooth Island in Bugsnax, you can find the video diaries of the famous explorer - Lizbert Megafig.

Finding the locations of all five video diaries will allow you to learn more about the past events on Snaktooth Island, such as what might have happened to the missing explorer.

Below you'll find the exact locations for each of the video diaries, along with what requirements you need to fulfill to obtain each one.

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Lizbert's video diaries and how to play them in Bugsnax explained

Hidden across Snaktooth Island in Bugsnax, you can find Lizbert's video diaries; watching these videos will give you a useful insight on what occurred on the island before your arrival.

There are five video diaries in total and each one can be found after you've completed a certain portion of the main storyline.

Once you've collected a video diary, head to Lizbert and Eggabell's house in Snaxburg, where, in the first room, you'll find a video projector.

You can play the video diaries by interacting with the video projector, selecting which video you wish to view and then watching them on the screen opposite.

Video diary 1 location in Bugsnax explained

The first video diary in Bugsnax is the easiest to find, since it's on the table right next to the projector.

Simply pick it up and pop it into the machine to discover what Lizbert recorded!

How to open Lizbert's cabinet and video diary 2 location in Bugsnax explained

To watch the second video diary in Bugsnax, you'll need access to Liz's cabinet, which can be found in the same room as the projector. Sadly, however, it's locked.

To find the key, you need to persuade Beffica to return to Snaxburg, which can all be easily completed once Filbo has guided you to the village.

Once she moves back to the villager, you'll need to interview her and, after answering all of your questions, she'll give you the key to Liz's cabinet.

Now you can return to Liz and Eggabell's house and open the cabinet, retrieving the video diary from inside, so that you can learn more about the past events on Snaxburg.

How to open Eggabell's chest and video diary 3 location in Bugsnax explained

To obtain video diary three in Bugsnax, you need to first open Eggabell's chest, which is located inside hers and Lizbert's house.

Before you can open this chest, however, you first need to convince both Chandlo and Snorphy to return to Snaxbury.

Upon their return, you'll want to interview Chandlo first, so that he'll give you the key to Eggabell's chest.

Now you just need to open the chest and retrieve the video diary.

Video diary 4 location in Bugsnax explained

Thankfully this video diary isn't locked in many cabinets or chests, but you'll still need to convince a number of Grumpuses to return to Snaxburg to contain access to it.

In total you'll need Wambus, Wiggle, Triffany, Gramble and Beffica to have all returned to Snaxburg. Once this happens you can talk to Filbo to start the Ghost Stories main mission.

Play through this mission to its end and the path to Sugarpine Woods will be opened.

Take this bridge to Sugarpine Woods.

Once you're in the woods, head directly to your right, staying as close to the edge of the mountain as possible.

You'll quickly find yourself coming across a bag on the ground and, next to it, will be video diary number four.

How to open Eggabell's lockbox and video diary 5 location in Bugsnax explained

Video diary five is the hardest video diary to find in Bugsnax, because you need to convince the final two Grumpuses - Shelda and Floofty - to return to Snaxburg.

Shelda can be found in Sizzlin Sands and will want assistance connecting with nature. After convincing her to return to the village, make sure you interview her and she'll reveal that she's in possession of Eggabell's lockbox.

Meanwhile, Floofty is in Boiling Bay and will require help finishing his experiments. Remember to interview him upon his return to Snaxburg and he'll give you the key to Eggabell's lockbox.

You can return to Shelda's pavilion and open the lockbox to find the final video diary.

Now you can watch all of the video diaries in order and learn more about the past events on Snaktooth Island.

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