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Elden Ring players complete no damage and pacifist runs

Lots to liurnia.

Elden Ring players have moved beyond speedruns to find alternative ways to play.

First up there’s Twitch streamer Seki, who not only completed the game in under three hours - an impressive feat alone - but did so without taking any damage.

Seki’s run was the world’s first to do so - while streamer GinoMachino managed a no hit run on 13th March, Seki took no damage at all. That means completing the whole game without taking fall or poison damage, let alone getting hit.

As Seki told Kotaku, taking no damage is even more difficult "as I don’t have access to buffs such as Red-Feathered Branchsword which could potentially increase my damage output if I had low health". Some blood abilities are also out.

Seki spent 130 hours practising for the run, including planning strategies and previous attempts. The hardest part of all was the final boss, as its Elden Stars move is incredibly difficult to avoid; Seki took dozens of hours to practice the timing of staggering the boss.

And then there’s Iron Pineapple over on YouTube who’s managed to completed Elden Ring without attacking - a complete pacifist run (thanks PC Gamer).

For the most part, that means using summoned spirits to do Iron Pineapple’s dirty work. Playing as a prophet and boosting faith then allows the player to heal and buff those summons.

Occasionally some more creative methods are used though, like encouraging a knight to jump off a cliff, or utilising glitches so that bosses fall through the floor.

Check out the run below for some amusing Elden Ring gameplay.

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