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Rainbow Six Mobile coming to iOS and Android devices

Laying siege.

Ubisoft has unveiled Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile, an upcoming free-to-play tactical first-person shooter mobile game from the Rainbow Six franchise.

In this new game, players will be pitted against each other in 5v5 matches, or "Attack vs Defence". As the name suggests, attackers will have to gain intel on their enemy by deploying drones and breaching "walls, floors and ceilings". Meanwhile, those on the defence team will have to ensure their intel is secure with the use of spy cameras and traps.

You can check out Rainbow Six Mobile's reveal trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoRainbow Six Mobile - Announcement Trailer

"By blending strategy with teamwork [in Rainbow Six Mobile], players will experience the thrill of intense close-quarter combat as they alternate between attacking and defending to win it all," Ubisoft states.

"Players will assemble a fully customisable team of highly trained operators from the Rainbow Six universe, each equipped with their own unique skillset, weapons and gadgetry."

In addition to this, Rainbow Six Mobile will also reintroduce maps from Rainbow Six Siege, such as Bank and Border.

Ubisoft states Rainbow Six Mobile has been "optimised for mobile platforms" with added "modes and customisable controls to fit players' level of comfort to play on the go."

Players interested in trying out this new handheld, Siege-like, experience can sign up for a chance to be part of upcoming tests on Rainbow Six Mobile's website.

Elsewhere, Activision has also announced it is bringing its own shoot ‘em up Call of Duty: Warzone to mobile devices.

Not be mistaken for Call of Duty Mobile, this rendition of Warzone is being built from the ground up, with Activision promising an "all-new, AAA mobile experience" on its release.