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New Call of Duty Warzone to be revealed later this year

Developed alongside Modern Warfare sequel.

Activision has said it will reveal the "groundbreaking innovations" it is building for new Call of Duty Warzone later this year.

The new Warzone, which Activision today again described nebulously as an "experience" rather than a fresh update or full sequel, will also be free-to-play.

It's being "built from the ground-up" alongside this year's main Call of Duty release, Activision said, which is a sequel to Infinity Ward's 2019 Modern Warfare.

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In a statement to investors, Activision was cagey on when exactly we would see the new Warzone launch, and how different it would be from the existing offering. Saying we'll see the "reveal" later this year is not the same as us seeing it launch - although this is also not ruled out.

Likewise, there was nothing said on whether the new Warzone will include any content, purchases or progress from the current Warzone.

Activision also noted today how its Call of Duty sales for 2022 were down year-on-year. It blamed both the poorer sales of 2021's Vanguard versus 2020's Black Ops Cold War, but also "lower engagement" in Warzone.

Last month, Activision announced it was bringing Warzone to mobile - although this version is being built specifically for those platforms.

Earlier today, Activision Blizzard announced the release date and a Windows PC version for Diablo Immortal, as part of an ongoing stream of announcements as the embattled publisher seeks to put itself back on track following a devastating year of reports which have highlighted harassment and assault allegations, employee walkouts, staff attempts at unionisation, and frustrations with controversial company boss Bobby Kotick.

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