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Bobby Kotick frustrates Activision Blizzard employees at internal meeting

He failed to address concerns.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick held an internal meeting on the morning of 20th January to address employee concerns about the Microsoft acquisition.

However, according to a report by The Washington Post, employees were left frustrated.

The "Fireside Chat", which took place over video conference, was just 16 minutes long instead of the billed 30 minutes. Kotick rocked up seven minutes late and failed to respond to fielded questions submitted by employees in advance of the meeting.

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Instead of addressing employee concerns around the takeover and the ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit, he discussed Microsoft's interest in the metaverse and joked that employees wouldn't have to migrate to Microsoft Teams.

"I can tell you that my commitment to the company is [to] remain in my role," said Kotick. "Once the deal closes, what I've committed to Microsoft is I will stay as long as is necessary to ensure that we have a great integration and a great transition."

Employees believe this suggests Kotick will not remain at the company once the acquisition is complete - as reports have suggested - but that he will at least be staying until that point.

"He likened Activision to be as important as his children and I feel like he will not let go of it," an anonymous employee told The Washington Post. "With no mention of the strike, the lawsuit, or any of the continuing issues, there may as well have not been a Q&A at all. We could've read a press release and slept an extra 15 minutes."

Kotick also said that "the transition is going to be smooth because [Microsoft is] committed to trying to retain as many of our people as possible," worrying employees that layoffs may still occur in future.

Since news of the acquisition broke, employees have taken to social media to voice their opinions - both positive and negative.