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Latest Steam Deck update adds lock screen and windows switching

Through the keyhole.

Valve has released an update for the Steam Deck, which adds a new lock screen to the handheld PC, as well as several other changes.

"We've added the ability to turn on a lock screen and PIN for Steam Deck," Valve writes.

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"You can set this to show up on wake, boot, login, and/or when switching to Desktop mode. Sorry little bro/sis, you won't be able to borrow your sibling's Steam Deck and mess with their save games anymore!"

You can see how the new lock screen looks below.

Along with this new feature, the Steam Deck's Achievements page has also been given a little spruce up for spring. As well as faster loading times, users will now also be able to "toggle between your stats and global stats or use the new drop down to compare your achievements with any friend who also plays."

In addition to the above, Steam Deck users will now also have access to windows switching, which will essentially bring up a handy quick select menu that lets users move between their games and apps with much more ease than before.

Valve has also added localised keyboards for "21 languages and layouts," with the company currently working on bringing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboards to the Steam Deck soon.

The full patch notes for this latest update can be seen here.

Earlier this month, Valve announced that it was "ramping up Steam Deck shipments" now we are into the second quarter of the year. However, there are yet to be any reports of Gabe Newell knocking on doors this time around...

Meanwhile, if you are still not sure if the Steam Deck is for you, you can check out Digital Foundry's review here.