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There's a live 20th anniversary Ace Attorney concert streaming in May

Tickets on sale now.

Capcom's Ace Attorney series has some very good music (especially the one that goes dur-doo-dur-doo-dur-doo-dur-doo-dur-durr from the first Phoenix Wright game) and the publisher is celebrating that fact once again this year with a new live orchestral concert, being streamed across the internet in May.

Following on from last year's similarly styled event, Capcom is poised to hold another Ace Attorney orchestra concert on 7th May at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo, this time in honour of the series' 20th anniversary.

If your interest is piqued, the official website has now revealed the full, series-spanning set list for the 20th anniversary concert (which you'll find below) and you can get a solid idea of what's in store by watching this 7-minute snippet from the 2021 show.

Ace Attorney Orchestra Concert 2021 Highlights.Watch on YouTube
  • Phoenix Wright – Objection!
  • Apollo Justice – A New Era Begins!
  • Ace Attorney Investigations Suite – A Grand Legacy
  • Godot – The Fragrance of Darkness; That is Coffee
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy – Courtroom Suite
  • Ace Attorney Series – Charmingly Captivating Suite
  • Ace Attorney Series – Revolutions and Successors Suite
  • The Great Ace Attorney Suite
  • The Great Ace Attorney – Great Trials of Resolve Suite
  • Trials and Tribulations – Ending

This year's 20th anniversary Ace Attorney concert was formally announced several months ago, but tickets are now officially on sale for those wishing to attend in person (thanks VGC). And for those who'd like to attend in person but can't due to geographical inconveniences, there's also the option to purchase a digital ticket and watch the show via livestream.

It's admittedly not cheap option, costing ¥3500 for the privilege (around £21), but those that take the plunge will be able to watch the concert live - at 10am BST, 2am PDT, and 6pm JST on 7th May - or on-demand at any time until 16th May.

And if you'd prefer to forego the live concert in favour of some actual, video game Ace Attorney, Capcom's most recent effort, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, was extremely well-received when it released last year.

Eurogamer Malindy Hetfield said there was "so much to love" about the two-game remaster bundle in her Recommendd review, writing "The historical setting could prove to be a bit of niche interest to many, but rather than contort myself and tell you that this is just like the Ace Attorney you know and love, or call it a prequel, or a great way to start with the series, which it isn't, I'd rather give it to you straight and say - do you love a good period drama? Have at it."